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Product ID: 000SC
Surplus Corner

The new Surplus Corner is live! As we work our way through the entire old inventory from former Samco, scour the world as well as our own warehouse, we will be adding new product mostly in very limited quantities daily. Watch our site closely to find some very rare products that haven't been available in years!


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Product ID: CL005
K98 Cleaning Kit in Plastic Case
Condition: Good
Price: $15.99

Product ID: CL009
CZ52 Pistol Cleaning Rod

New, Unissued

Price: $3.87
Product ID: CL045
Mini/Micro Draco Cleaning Kit & Rod
Price: $11.87

Product ID: CL112
SKS Buttstock Cleaning/Tool Kit

Military Surplus SKS Buttstock Cleaning/Tool Kit with jag, punch, brush and cleaning rod guide. 

Price: $4.87
Product ID: CL127
Swedish Mauser Chamber Cleaning Rod
Chamber cleaning Rod for Swedish M96/M38/M41B Rifles.       
Price: $3.50

Product ID: GR030
FEG R61 Left Side Grip with Thumb Rest

Original Hungarian "FEG" left grip panel with thumb rest.

Price: $0.99
Product ID: HL012
Polish M78 Flare Pistol Holster/Satchel

Polish Military Surplus M78 Flare Launcher Holster/Satchel.

Condition: Good 

Price: $9.87

Product ID: OT1277
AK-47 Gas Port Reamer
Condition: Very Good.
Price: $4.87
Product ID: OT1352
CETME Rifle Cover

Original Spanish Military Issue CETME Rifle Cover.

Price: $12.87

Product ID: OT1356
CETME Magazine Loader

Original Spanish Military Issue CETME Magazine Loader

Price: $69.87
Product ID: OT1427
VZ58 Cleaning Kit
Original Military Issue Cleaning Kit for the VZ58 Rifle
Price: $11.87

Product ID: OT1609
Yugo M70 Blank Firing Adapter

Price: $3.87
Product ID: OT1648
SB47 Stabilizing Brace
No Tax Stamp Required
Secures AK style pistols to the forearm of the shooter and assists in firing the pistol the way it is intended - with one hand
Will fit  PAP M92 PV, PAP M85 PV & NP, draco and C39 Pistols
Comes in retail ready packaging with BATF approval letter, instruction manual and two nylon stabilizing straps with quick release buckles to ensure proper fit

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Price: $149.87

Product ID: OT1825-F
M1A2 Grenade Adapter Mod. 369

Condition: Fair

Price: $12.87
Product ID: OT1825-G
M1A2 Grenade Adapter Mod. 369
Condition: Good
Price: $17.87

Product ID: OT1826A
CETME Bipod with Pouch

Spanish Military Issue CETME Bipod with Pouch.

Price: $49.87
Product ID: OT1826B
Spanish Military Issue CETME Bipod.
Price: $51.87

Product ID: OT1829
M7 Grenade Launcher

Manufactured by Fay & Scott 

Price: $74.87
Product ID: OT1833
M7 Grenade Launcher
Manufactured by Knapp Monarch "KM"
Price: $74.87

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