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Product ID: KN046
Civil War U.S. Trooper Sword
This sword was used at the time of civil war by marching troops as well as troops on back of horses. This kind of sword was very popular among soldiers of North and South. This sword consists of high carbon steel blade and metal scabbard. The hilt is casted brass with wood handle wrapped with leather and has brass wires wrapped on the grip to give a firm grip. Condition: New.
Price: $37.95
Product ID: KN1006
M1860 Light Cavalry Union Saber

Originally copied from an earlier French issue saber and manufactured in the North and in Europe for the lads in blue. It evokes the unflinching bravery of Antietam, Manassas, Gettysburg. Our excellent reproduction is handmade. The hand forged blade of the M-1860 Light Cavalry Saber is made from high carbon steel. Leather handle is wire wrapped. Curving blade is superbly designed for penetration (thrust) and is a slashing weapon. A stout steel scabbard completes the legendary sword. The hilt and cap are forged from brass. Condition: New.

Price: $37.95

Product ID: KN1017
U.S. M-1850 Staff & Field Officers Sword
This fine reproduction saber is a faithful copy of ones used. The blade is hand forged from high carbon steel. The leather handle is wire wrapped. Befitting theor rank, this sword displays a high degree of ornamentation. The brass guard has hand chased foliage and "U.S." between the branches. The blade is etches with foliage, military trophies, "U.S.", "E Pluribus Unum" and "Iron Proof." During the years before the war, many Confederate officers, including General Robert E. Lee, carried this sword in Indian campaigns. Brass pommel, scabbard is blue steel with three brass mountings. Condition: New.
Price: $51.95
Product ID: KN1034
Reproduction U.S. Marine Officer Sword
Simulated ivory handle, metal scabbard with brass accents.
Blade Length: 29.75", Overall Length: 38.5"
Condition: New
Price: $79.95

Product ID: KN1035
Reproduction U.S. Fighting Knife
Black rubber grip. Blade Length: 5.8", Overall Length: 10.25", Weight: .65 lb.
Condition: New
Price: $19.95
Product ID: KN1036
Reproduction U.S. Fighting Knife
Brown leather stacked grip, leather sheath with Marine
Corp emblem and USMC on the sheath. Blade Length: 7", Overall Length: 13.5", Weight: .90 lb.
Condition: New
Price: $26.95

Product ID: KN1037
Reproduction U.S. Marine Staff NCO Sword
Looks almost exactly like the original. Wire wrapped
handle with leather scabbard and brass accents. Blade Length: 29.25", Overall Length: 37", Weight: 2.6 lbs.
Condition: New
Price: $66.95

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